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IGTFX technical analysis

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1 IGTFX technical analysis on Mon Apr 19, 2010 4:39 am

IGTFX technical analysis, This weekend we finally experienced a nice weather in Hamburg with temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius. IGTFX, We wish you a nice start in the new trading week. IGTFX,
IGTFX, Market Review – IGTFX, Fundamental Perspective

IGTFX, On Friday, IGTFX, the JPY climbed for the second day versus the USD on speculation that investors are buying the Japanese currency as a refuge on concern about the situation of Goldman Sachs Group Inc. IGTFX, and speculation that Greece’s aid package may falter. IGTFX, Today, IGTFX, JPY climbed versus 15 of its 16 major currency crosses while the MSCI Asia Pacific Index of regional shares declined 1.7 percent and the Nikkei 225 dipped 1.8 percent. IGTFX, The JPY fell over 90 pips on Friday after it closed the day at 92.09, making a weekly loss of 1.07 percent. IGTFX, The JPY gained for the third day versus the IGTFX, AUD after traders and strategists said that the IGTFX, RBA Governor Glenn Stevens may have lifted the nation’s interest rate too far and too fast after the bank increased the rate to 4.25 percent this month from 3 percent in October. IGTFX, The AUD/JPY fell for a third day and reached a low at 84.42. IGTFX,

IGTFX, The GBP fell versus the USD after U.K. IGTFX, Prime Minister Gordon Brown yesterday called for an investigation into Goldman Sachs, IGTFX, while German regulators asked the U.S. IGTFX, Securities and Exchange Commission for details on its suit filed versus the bank last week. IGTFX, The Securities and Exchange Commission instructed to prove whether the company defrauded investors by failing to disclose that a hedge- IGTFX, fund firm betting against them played a role in creating what they bought. IGTFX, The GBP/USD fell for a second day after it reached a low at 1.5225 and opened around 1.5287. IGTFX, The pair closed last week at 1.5390. IGTFX,

IGTFX, The EUR fell to a one-week low versus the IGTFX, USD after the European Union finance ministers wanted IGTFX, Greece to brace itself for the International Monetary Fund’s conditions on a bailout package. IGTFX, The EUR/USD fell for the third day and reached a low at 1.3444 while the IGTFX, EUR/GBP gained to a high at 0.8823 starting the week with a gap of more than 30 pips. IGTFX,
IGTFX, Daily Technical Analysis - IGTFX, Our Focus Currencies for Today

USD/JPY (Daily)

IGTFX, After reaching a high near 94.63 at the beginning of the month, the USD/JPY fell back and reached the support level around 92.20. IGTFX, The MACD is currently signalizing a bearish trend which could be a signal for further bearish movements. IGTFX, Nevertheless, we should wait until we see a clear break trough the horizontal support level. IGTFX,

IGTFX, Intraday Support & Resistance IGTFX, (Daily)Support Levels around Resistance Levels around IGTFX,
IGTFX, 92.20 IGTFX, 93.71
IGTFX, 91.31 IGTFX, 94.70
IGTFX, 90.40 IGTFX, 97.70

CAD/JPY (Daily)

IGTFX, As you can see, IGTFX, the CAD/JPY fell back from its high around 94.28 before it reached the support IGTFX,
IGTFX, level near 90.40. IGTFX, This level was a pretty hard resistance in the past. The MACD analysis may IGTFX,
IGTFX, give a signal for further bearish moves. If the market breaks the support level around 90.40, IGTFX, we
might expect a continuing bearish market. IGTFX,

IGTFX, Intraday Support & IGTFX, Resistance (Daily) IGTFX, Support Levels around Resistance Levels IGTFX, around IGTFX,
IGTFX, 90.40 IGTFX, 93.70
IGTFX, 88.25 IGTFX, 94.30

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