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IGTFX technical analysis

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1IGTFX technical analysis Empty IGTFX technical analysis on Thu Apr 22, 2010 6:07 am

IGTFX technical analysis Market Review – IGTFX , Fundamental Perspective
The IGTFX , AUD and IGTFX , NZD fell for a second day versus the JPY and USD on concern that IGTFX , Greece’s struggle to fund its budget shortfall will decrease demand for higher-yielding assets. IGTFX , Greece’s deficit of 12.9 percent of gross domestic product is more than four times than the EU limit. The high-rate currencies also weakened on prospects that U.S. IGTFX , IGTFX , President Barack Obama will call for new financial regulations. IGTFX , IGTFX , The NZD pulled a bit back versus the IGTFX , USD as IGTFX , New Zealand’s Finance Minister Bill English said that the nation’s economy is recovering “slightly more strongly” as shown in a December Treasury forecast. IGTFX , According to a U.S IGTFX , Treasury Department official, the Group of Seven finance ministers are meeting today in Washington where they discuss currencies, IGTFX , financial markets and the timing of improving fiscal stimulus. IGTFX ,
IGTFX , The JPY gained versus all 16 most-traded currencies after the nation’s exports grew for a fourth month in March and shipments abroad advanced 43.5 percent from a year earlier, IGTFX , the Finance Ministry in Tokyo said today. IGTFX , The JPY also gained after Bank of Japan Governor Masaaki Shirakawa said this week that the risk of another recession has “pretty much gone.” IGTFX , The JPY gained for a second day versus the USD, NZD and the AUD. It reached a high around 85.80 versus the AUD and a peak by 65.80 against the NZD. IGTFX , According to the IMF, IGTFX , Australia’s gross domestic product will expand 3 percent this year and 3.5 percent in 2011. IGTFX ,
IGTFX , The EUR fell for a third day versus the GBP after talks started yesterday about an assistance package for Greece including 30 billion euros from the European Union and as much as 15 billion euros from the International Monetary Fund. IGTFX , The EUR/GBP fell for a fourth day after it reached a low near 0.8673, IGTFX , which was the lowest level since February 18th. IGTFX , The EUR/USD pulled a bit back after it fell to a low of around 1.3357 yesterday, the lowest level since April 9th. IGTFX ,
IGTFX , Daily Technical Analysis - IGTFX , Our Focus Currencies for Today IGTFX ,

EUR/GBP (Daily)
IGTFX technical analysis EURGBP
IGTFX , After touching the horizontal resistance level for the second time, IGTFX , the EUR/GBP pulled back inside the bearish pitchfork channel and crossed the level around 0.8700, IGTFX , which may be a technical as well as a psychological support line. IGTFX , At the moment, IGTFX , the pair is trading between the 0.8700 and the 0.8645 support line. IGTFX , If the pair could cross the 0.8645 support line, we might see further losses inside the bearish pitchfork. IGTFX ,
IGTFX , Intraday Support & Resistance IGTFX , (Daily)Support Levels around Resistance Levels around
IGTFX , 0.8645 IGTFX , 0.8830
IGTFX , N/A IGTFX , 0.8865
IGTFX , N/A IGTFX , 0.8920

AUD/USD (Daily)
IGTFX technical analysis AUDUSd
IGTFX , On a long-term view, IGTFX , the AUD/USD has been trading below a horizontal resistance around 0.9340. IGTFX , After reaching a low near 0.8577 at the beginning of February, IGTFX , the pair gained inside a bullish trend channel before it finally reached the long-term resistance around 0.9340. IGTFX , IGTFX , If the pair could break through the 0.9340 resistance line constantly, IGTFX , we might see further gains inside the bullish trend channel. IGTFX ,

IGTFX , Intraday IGTFX , Support & IGTFX , Resistance IGTFX , (Daily)Support Levels around Resistance Levels around IGTFX ,
IGTFX , 0.9010 IGTFX , 0.9340
IGTFX , 0.8915 IGTFX , N/A
IGTFX , 0.8565 IGTFX , N/A

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