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IGTFX technical analysis

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1IGTFX technical analysis Empty IGTFX technical analysis on Tue Mar 23, 2010 9:09 am

Tuesday, March 23, 2010
IGTFX technical analysis. The CHF seems to be one of the winners of the Greece discussion and climbed to its highest level since EUR introduction in 1999. IGTFX technical analysis, However, we wish you successful trades and enjoy your day. IGTFX technical analysis,
Market Review – Fundamental Perspective IGTFX technical analysis,
The CHF climbed versus the EUR to its highest level since before the 16-nation currency was set up in 1999 as traders bet that the Swiss National Bank may relaxing its policy of selling CHF to curb its strength. The demand for the CHF as a refuge also boosted a new speculation that the Euro-Zone Ministers may deny any financial rescue measures for Greece affected the FOREX market. IGTFX technical analysis, The President of the European Central Bank, Jean-Claude Trichet, spoke out against offering low-interest loans for which the Greek government asks for while the German Chancellor Angela Merkel argues for sanctions against nations that breach the deficit limits of the Euro-Zone. IGTFX technical analysis, In the course of the day the EUR/USD recovered after three bearish trading days and rose to 1.3568 at the highest level as Luxembourg’s Jean-Claude Juncker, who heads the group of euro-region finance ministers, said that the EU will not “abandon” Greece. The GBP strengthened against 15 of its 16 most-important counterparts on Monday. IGTFX technical analysis, The EUR/GBP weakened from 0.9017 at its opening and touched the lowest level at 0.8971. IGTFX technical analysis,
The AUD and NZD decreased against the JPY on speculation that Japanese companies will bring home their overseas earnings before the fiscal year ends next week. The NZD/USD compensate its yesterday losses during the early Asia trading session on concern a report may show this week that New Zealand’s economy grew at the fastest pace since two years. IGTFX technical analysis, Economists expect that the gross domestic product may grow 3.1 percent in the year ending in March 2011. IGTFX technical analysis,
The USD/CAD extended its recovery phase after the currency pair fell last week near to the parity on speculation that the bullish CAD rally last week was too fast to be sustained. IGTFX technical analysis, The currency pair rose yesterday from 1.0166 at its opening to 1.0244 at the highest level. IGTFX technical analysis, Also the EUR climbed against the CAD after three bearish trading days as crude oil, one of the most important exports for Canada, touched a two-week low at 78.57. IGTFX technical analysis,

IGTFX technical analysis, Daily Technical Analysis (In this section we provide chart analysis)
Our Focus Currencies for Today
EUR/CHF (Daily)
IGTFX technical analysis Eurchf
IGTFX technical analysis, The EUR/CHF has been trading in a bearish environment and boosted its downward movement obviously at last. In order of that the currency pair fell to a new all-time low yesterday. IGTFX technical analysis, From a technical point of view it seems that there are currently no support levels, except the RSI indicator which could show a strongly oversold market and may suggest profit takings. IGTFX technical analysis,
IGTFX technical analysis, Intraday Support & Resistance (Daily)
Support Levels around Resistance Levels around
N/A 1.4399
N/A 1.4530
N/A 1.4646
EUR/USD (1 Hour)
IGTFX technical analysis Eurusd
IGTFX technical analysis, The currency pair rebounded yesterday from its early losses as the short-term moving average crossed the mid- rather long-term counterpart. IGTFX technical analysis, But after the EUR bulls failed to cross the resistance level around 1.3567 close to the 38.2% Fibonacci Fan line it suggests a test of the support area on the downside around 1.3539, especially in considering due to the fact that the short-term moving average tumbled again. IGTFX technical analysis,
IGTFX technical analysis, Intraday Support & Resistance (H1)
IGTFX technical analysis, Support Levels around Resistance Levels around
85.14 85.37
84.86 85.72
N/A 85.86

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