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IGTFX technical analysis

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1 IGTFX technical analysis on Wed Apr 28, 2010 5:27 am

IGTFX technical analysis Market Review – IGTFX technical analysis Fundamental Perspective

IGTFX, The AUD drooped for a third day against the JPY as the stocks and commodities tumbled and after the credit rating downgrades for IGTFX, Greece and Portugal. IGTFX, That spurred investors to shun higher yielding currencies. IGTFX, The AUD weakened 0.2% versus the JPY and traded at 85.18. IGTFX, Also the NZD decreased the most since February 2010 versus the USD as Standard & Poor`s, one of the world’s biggest rating agency, IGTFX, cut Greece`s credit rating to junk and reduced Portugal`s two steps. That is fueling concerns the debt laden nations are moving closer to default. The NZD weakened 0.2% against the JPY and reached 66.20 and the USD strengthened to 0.7114. That was a profit of 1.7%. Today, we expect the consumer prices from Australia. IGTFX, Declines in the AUD may be limited, because economists expect gains in the first quarter. IGTFX,
Also the EUR dropped versus the USD and touched a one year low as Standard & Poor`s lowered Greece`s and Portugal`s credit rating. The EUR slid to 1.3165 after touching a low near 1.3145 against the USD. IGTFX, Furthermore the JPY strengthened to a five week high against the EUR and traded at 122.61 after touching 122.37. IGTFX, The JPY and the USD could increase against most of its 16 major counterparts. IGTFX, They were the winner of the trading day. IGTFX,
IGTFX, In the U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke said a failure to reduce the federal budget deficit may push interest rates over time and could impair the economic growth. That would be a risk for a successful recovery from the financial crisis. IGTFX, The current government of the U.S. IGTFX, estimates that the budget deficit will be 5.1 trillion USD at all over five years and will hit a record over 1.6 trillion USD in the year which ends in September 2010. IGTFX, The 1.4 trillion USD deficits in 2009 were equal to 9.9% of gross domestic product, the largest share since the end of the Second World War. IGTFX,
IGTFX, Daily Technical Analysis - IGTFX, Our Focus Currencies for Today

NZD/JPY (4 Hour)

IGTFX, In April, the currency pair could improve its price. Two days ago, the NZD rebounded at its upper Fibonacci retracement and dropped to its Fibo line around 66.10 (38.2) where IGTFX, the prices could recover again. IGTFX, Now it seems that the bulls could impact. IGTFX, The Stoch indicator may support that with a breakthrough by the signal line from below. IGTFX,

IGTFX, Intraday Support & Resistance (H4)Support Levels around Resistance Levels around
IGTFX, 66.10 IGTFX, 66.50
IGTFX, 65.50 IGTFX, 66.90
IGTFX, 64.95 IGTFX, 67.90

EUR/JPY (4 Hour)

IGTFX, Since the beginning of April, the EUR has been trading in a zigzag movement against the JPY and dropped at least. IGTFX, Currently, IGTFX, the prices reached the lower Bollinger Band. During April, IGTFX, whenever the EUR touched the lower Band, the prices recovered. IGTFX, Also a crossing Stoch indicator could support another trend reversal. IGTFX,

IGTFX, Intraday Support & Resistance (H4)Support Levels around Resistance Levels around
IGTFX, 122. IGTFX, 60 123.50
IGTFX, N/A IGTFX, 124.40
IGTFX, N/A IGTFX, 125.30

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