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IGTFX technical analysis

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1 IGTFX technical analysis on Wed Apr 14, 2010 5:37 am

IGTFX technical analysis, After the first two days of the week were driven by the news related to the rescue package for Greece today some important economic data releases moving into the market focus. IGTFX, The U.S. reports will show the latest consumer confidence and retail sales which may allow a conclusion to the rate decision of the Federal Reserve next week. . IGTFX, However, . IGTFX, we wish you a successful trading day.. IGTFX,
. IGTFX, Market Review – . IGTFX, Fundamental Perspective

. IGTFX, The JPY declined against a basket of major currencies on concern a report may show that the U.S. retail sales rose the most in four months. . IGTFX, The JPY fell versus the USD from the strongest level in two weeks and the EUR/JPY climbed to 127.45 at its highest level as signs the global economy recovering boosted demand for higher-yielding assets. . IGTFX, The GBP increased versus the EUR as a report showed that the . IGTFX, U.K. exports surged in February and house values strengthened. . IGTFX, Exports rose about 9.5 percent and helped to cut the trade deficit to 6.2bln pounds, . IGTFX, the least since June 2006. . IGTFX, The GBP also rose against the USD and climbed near to the strongest level since February. In contrast the U.S. . IGTFX, trade deficit widened,. IGTFX, the gap increased 7.4 percent to $39.7bln from a revised $37bln deficit in January, . IGTFX, the Commerce Department said on Tuesday in Washington. . IGTFX, The Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond President Jeffrey Lacker said that the U.S. . IGTFX, economy will probably expand at a moderate pace for the rest of this year as spending by consumers and businesses picks up.. IGTFX,

. IGTFX, The NZD/USD declined after a report showed that New Zealand’s retail sales unexpectedly fell in February, . IGTFX, as rising unemployment and a slowing housing market curbed consumer confidence. The retail sales fell 0.6 percent from January, . IGTFX, the Statistics from New Zealand showed today. . IGTFX, Australia’s consumer confidence fell 1 percent this month to 116.1 points, . IGTFX, a report showed today. . IGTFX, The AUD/USD extended its gains from yesterday during the early Asia trading session, . IGTFX, touching the 0.9326 level at its high.. IGTFX,

. IGTFX, Notwithstanding the CAD increased against the USD near to parity it failed to climb sustainable . IGTFX, above this level as declining crude oil prices . IGTFX, damped the demand for commodity-linked currencies.. IGTFX,
. IGTFX, Daily Technical Analysis - . IGTFX, Our Focus Currencies for Today
EUR/JPY (4 Hours)

. IGTFX, After the EUR/JPY fell during the early trading hours yesterday near to its support around . IGTFX, 125.93 it recovered and started apparently another attempt to cross its resistance around the 127.28 level. . IGTFX, The short-term moving . IGTFX, average crossed its long-term counterpart and in considering of the rising positive DMI indicator it may suggest further bullish movements and if the currency pair could cross its resistance it may pave the way to the 127.89 level.. IGTFX,

I. IGTFX, ntraday Support & Resistance . IGTFX, (H4)Support Levels around Resistance Levels around. IGTFX,
. IGTFX, 125.93 . IGTFX, 126.53. IGTFX,
. IGTFX, 125.35 . IGTFX, 127.28. IGTFX,
. IGTFX, 124.26 . IGTFX, 127.89. IGTFX,

USD/JPY (4 Hours)

. IGTFX, After the currency pair lost the support of its . IGTFX, mid-term bullish trend-line at the beginning of April it began trading in a bearish trend-channel and fell near to its support level around 92.76. . IGTFX, At this level the bulls entered the market again and pushed the . IGTFX, USD close to the upper trend-line at last. . IGTFX, It remains to be seen if this resistance could be crossed sustainable. . IGTFX, The Momentum crossed its 100.00 level and may give some bullish impulses.. IGTFX,

. IGTFX, Intraday Support & Resistance . IGTFX, (H4)Support Levels around Resistance Levels around. IGTFX,
. IGTFX, 92.76 . IGTFX, 93.41. IGTFX,
. IGTFX, 92.51 . IGTFX, 93.61. IGTFX,
. IGTFX, 92.27 . IGTFX, 93.78. IGTFX,

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